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Future Perspective

Our Board of Trustees, led by Mayor Chris Nelson, are doing great work. As a taxpayer, resident, customer, father, volunteer, coach (check the boxes) in the community, I am HAPPY to live and prosper in West Dundee. I can wear all of those hats together, because they are what make me a good choice. 

It is important to recognize the strengths that a steady board has brought to West Dundee. Predictability and stability are very often strengths in a growing economy. Incumbent Trustees Yuska and Price have been on the board 24 and 18 years, respectively.

As the youngest candidate on the ballot, it has become my duty to build a relationship with the existing board. I want the West Dundee experience and institutional knowledge shared with the next generation. A working relationship with the current village trustees benefits our village. 

Vote for David Haas and we will keep on pace!

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