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The MadLibs Podcast

In this hour long interview, David talks with The MadLibs (Brian & Kevin) about all things local. They chat about the campaign, being a candidate, TIFs, and more! David appreciated the turn to local politics and is hoping to become The MadLibs West Dundee Correspondent. 

Listen here:


The Daily Herald

The Daily Herald also works hard to cover the local races! In this 2 hour interview, all six candidates answer questions about the mall, economic development and give the candidates a chance to introduce themselves. 

Listen & Watch Here:

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League of Women Voters Forum

The League of Women Voters of the Elgin Area tirelessly work to cover local elections. On March 21, all six candidates met to share comments on economic development, safety, budgets and more! This event was a lot of fun for David. 

Watch & Listen Here:

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 1.31.22 PM.png

Emmett's Bike Race

The Emmett's Annual Big Wheel Race draws a crowd of 1,000+. David was along side family and friends to observe the race and visit with hundreds of West Dundee voters, supporters and of course the crowd!! The Haas for Trustee banner waved proudly near the finish line. 

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