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Safety & Walkability

I have general concerns about walking down Rt 72/Main St. I tend to clutch my children as the traffic zooms by Grafelman Park, Emmett's and the intersections leading to the Fox River. It seems to me that there are a few more things we can do to make the sidewalks and the speeding street traffic safer on Rt 72. In addition to that, I live with the cut-through traffic from Sleepy Hollow to RT 72 via Kittridge and Tartans Drive. I have far less pedestrian traffic on my street - however the cut-through generally happens in the morning, when kids go to their bus stops. 

Regardless of what becomes of the Spring Hill Mall redevelopment, it is ONLY .8 of a mile from Emmett's to SpringHill Mall by foot.

Less than a mile!

I’d like to work with our state legislatures to help bring attention and allocation of state funds/IDOT. Let’s connect downtown and SpringHill with 'more walkable' and safer intersections and streets for everyone.


I first saw this idea in Salt Lake City (Photo source: A simple bandana sized flag holstered in a bucket at key intersections. Inexpensive - yet it added visibility for pedestrians. For 20 years, Utah’s capital city has championed this idea.


On March 8, I met with Sherwin-Williams for a donation; then a local volunteer. That volunteer assembled 16 flags ahead of the St. Patrick's Celebration Weekend in West Dundee. We placed three sets of flags at the key intersections of Second, Third and Fifth & Rt 72. As early as Sunday, I received facebook and instagram messages about the flags.


One resident saying, "I used this today to help cross with my little girlie. Thank you!"


Another asking, "Can you leave these there permanently, we use Fifth Street with the kids every day to & from school."


Additional visibility gives people a simple way to care about safety. We have the tools to provide flags at a super low cost.


Contact me to support the "adopt an intersection" near your home. Together we have chance to make this idea permanent in West Dundee.

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