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Development: Private and Public Partnerships

Public and Private partnerships are the right avenue for a large redevelopment like SpringHill Mall. Between the behemoth, empty mall and downtown West Dundee is a small stretch of road on Rt 72.

It's only 8/10ths of a mile from our beloved Emmett's restaurant, passing Grafelman Park to SpringHill Mall.


Less than a mile!

The Assembly, a redeveloped restaurant, is another jump start! The Assembly opens this Spring. We can work together to connect those dots by leveraging the professional relationships. A new mixed-use set of business and residential with an amphitheatre and green space is one way to go for Spring Hill!

I am a business owner and personally accountable to my team for their own livelihood. I build relationships with contractors, architects and designers daily. My experience in hospitality and higher education rounds out two other industries of connections and experience. 

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