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West Dundee c.1925

Elect David Haas for Village Trustee

West Dundee, Illinois

David Haas is in search of your vote, and support, for West Dundee Village Trustee! 

For 20 years David Haas has devoted time and energy to making his communities, schools, teams, non-profit organizations and the people around him better. He dives deeper in to his surroundings. With a marketing degree and MBA from NIU - he shows you Huskies Never Give Up! 

In our community he is a small business owner, a volunteer for Dundee Highlands Elementary School (DHES), a DHES PTC board member, a volunteer soccer coach for the Dundee Township Park District and supports local business!

David is the youngest candidate and only business owner running for West Dundee Trustee.

Your Vote Counts

Our village staff has been hard at work prioritizing tax payer dollars; West Dundee has one of the lowest muncipal costs per household in the area. David supports the progress that the current board has made, but also offers a fresh perspective to widening the gap between West Dundee and the surrounding areas.

He envisions additional resident value by scaling public services and extending offers to the taxpayer. 

Your vote for David Haas is a vote for a fresh voice. Let's expand awareness and involvement by streaming the village board meetings. Today, we live in a statistically very, low-crime area. We have great educational opportunities and a wonderful environment for businesses to grow. Our property values have generally increased during some of the hardest times in a generation.

David Haas will listen to what is important and promote what is best for a talented and thriving community. 

West Dundee, vote for steady progress.

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